Three Acts of Worship


Mirari Pictures competed in The 48 Hour Film Project in Richmond, VA, out of it came "But Maybe This..." A quirky musical comedy about three siblings, who aided in sending their brother off to military school, are anxiously waiting his impending return.
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Mirari's first feature-length project, shot in the summer of 2013. On the verge of taking over his father's business, the youngest son's plans for a different future go wrong and finds himself alone on the streets with only a group of homeless people to help, he must learn that the power of community is that they can point out your blind spots, before he has any hope for a future with his father.
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OH-FER was a collaboration between Mirari Pictures and award-winning writer Carey Martin. It follows the story of Craig, a young boy struggling in little league baseball. On the final game of the season, his sister, Dawn, comes to see him play for the first time and finds out that he hasn't gotten a hit all season.
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Mirari's second short film, THE BROKEN BIKE was completed just months before production for MY HOUSE began. It was Mirari's first comedy. When his understudy gets the job he wanted, Jim’s plan for his life is ruined until he meets a bike shop owner, Meaghan, who shows him that God has a better plan for his life.
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Mirari's first released short film, BROTHERS was the project that helped the company learn how to trust God, no matter what was thrown at them. It also helped turn the idea of worship on set into a tangible element of Mirari's filmmaking process.
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